Monday, July 9, 2007

Henri Does Jamieson Wolf, Author of The Ghost Mirror

Henri has a special guest today! My mortal friend, Jamieson Wolf, is here with us today to talk about his book, The Ghost Mirror! Spooky and right up my alley! Jamieson, so I understand it is tour coordinator's right arm, whatever that is supposed to mean. Twentieth-century mortals can be quite confusing.

But, anyway, all I know is that he has written a book about ghosties like me and would like the chance to talk about it. Henri loves ghostie stories, tee hee. For one thing, I like to rip them apart. Mortals have a field day with ghosts and spirits and bumps in the night, but The Ghost Mirror was far from being an embellished tale of spirits put in a bad light. I rather enjoyed it myself and this is coming from a ghost, himself!

So, let's see what Monsier Jamieson has to say about his brand new book, The Ghost Mirror!

Henri: Thank you for coming to Henri's little abode on the net, Monsier Jamieson. Can you tell us what your book, The Ghost Mirror, is all about?

Jamieson:Hello Henri! It's great to talk to you again and thank you for having me!

The Ghost Mirror is about Mave Mallory, a thirteen year old girl, who goes to live with her grandmother. While living with her Grandmother, she discovers a mirror in the attic.

She steps through the mirror when trying to rescue her friend and finds herself in a strange world where magic is real. She discovers that she has powers, magic, that runs beneath her skin. In reality, she is the Last Witch and there is something that wants Mave's soul very badly.

Mr. Lavender, an eater of souls, knows what Mave is. Her soul burns brighter than any soul he has ever seen and he wants her magic for his own.

Mave must lean to use the magic inside her if she is to defeat Mr. Lavender and save her world...and our own.

Henri: As you know I am an author myself and my genre, the paranormal, comes quite natural with me. Do you find it comes natural with you?

Jamieson: It seems to. There was a while where I was trying to write the Great Canadian Novel but in the end I just stuck with writing what I enjoyed the most.

A lot of my work tends to be in the paranormal or speculative fiction variety. It just seems to be what I want to write. It's what I most enjoy at any rate. :)

Henri: Do you like ghosts?

Jamieson: Now, Henri! Of course I do! I find they're great story tellers and are really good practical jokers.

Henri: Have you ever seen a ghost?

Jamieson:I've only ever seen one. It was when I was younger. I was in my bedroom and saw a bright, white orb floating in front of me. When I tried to touch it, it flittered around my room and then vanished.

But it left me with a sense of warmth and kindness during a difficult time, so I can only hope it was a ghost and not a hallucination. LOL

Henri: Does it make you uncomfortable that I am a ghost? *grin*

Jamieson:Not at all Henri! I find talking to you very enjoyable. And I know you like women so I don't have to worry about you hitting on me. LOL

Henri: Do you like vampires?

Jamieson: I do but I don't know any personally. I read a lot of vampire fiction though. One of the best vampire books I've read is Blood Calls by romance mega-star Caridad Piniero. I think you might know her...

Henri: You make Henri chuckle, Monsier Jamieson. You picked up on that right away! Proud of you, my man. Did you know she's not a real vampire? Oui, I saw her reflection but she sure had me fooled there for a minute! Hey, did you know that you can go out on Saturdays without your garlic for some odd reason?

Jamieson: Well, I try to leave my garlic at home at all times. I like to cook with it! Besides, if I wear it, it tends to drive people away and I don't get to sign any books!

Henri: Don't you like garlic, Monsier Jamieson?

Jamieson:Love the stuff. I'm not a vampire! LOL

Henri: Okay, Henri is just having fun with you. I need to know something, though. Can you tell Henri what is the number one way to promote books? I have a tour coordinator that won't get off Henri's backside over promoting books. What do you recommend I do?

Jamieson:It's all good Henri, I don't mind joking at all. The number one way to promote books? Man, just one way? Well, if I had to pick one I would have to say Blogging. Blogging is SO important to promoting yourself and your books.

Blogs show up higher on search engines, even higher than web sites! And, since blogs are constantly updated, the search engines always pick them up.

It's good to have a web site, but if you want to get noticed, you have to have a blog.

Henri: I am liking to talk to you, Monsier Jamieson. Do you like talking to me?

Jamieson:Of course Henri. You are a ghost with style and panache. And it's not every day that I get to talk to a ghost you know.

Henri: Can you tell I make a lousy interviewer?

Jamieson: Oh, Henri, not at all. You are charming, light hearted and you make me laugh. What more could you hope for? Don't sell yourself short!

Henri: Oh, Monsier Jamieson, you make Henri laugh. Can you tell my beautiful 21st century women who frequents Henri's blog how they might frequent yours? Do you blog like Henri?

Jamieson: Of course I do! You can find my blog at, but I also have a blog for The Ghost Mirror which you can find here:
Henri: Oh, be still my little ghostie heart! TWO blogs? Henri can barely keep up with what he has now! Tell me, where can mortals and ghosties like myself buy your wonderful book, The Ghost Mirror?

Jamieson: You can buy it by heading on over to e Treasures which you can find at

Henri: Thank you for coming, Monsier Jamieson, and I hope you have more luck with your tour coordinator than I am. She is what 21st century mortals call a major PITA. Don't tell her I said that. Well, good luck to you and I hope you sell lots of books!

Jamieson: Thanks so much Henri and thank you for having me! It's been so much fun!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a fabulous interview and such an intriguing story. Jamieson and Henri - you are both so clever!

Do ghosts like to cruise? If I were a ghost, that's where I'd hang out. Of course, there's so much partying going on, people already think they're seeing ghosts - when they look in the mirror the morning after.

July 10, 2007 at 1:32 PM  

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