Friday, June 1, 2007

Henri Does Virtual Book Tour

No sooner does Henri get back from the south of France visiting long lost ancestors and before he even opens that first can of Coors Light, the girls have surprise treat for him. I, Henri de Montmorency, is going on first live book tour.

The girls tell me the world is not read for Henri in the in the flesh, but they have found way for me to appear all over world and all I have to do is sit here at Ezras, answer a few questions, and go off to Boo Drop Inn while my books fly off cyber-shelves. It's called virtual book tour. Twentieth-century mortals make me laugh at names they come up with.

But, there are instructions. I am to blog about where I go and add these &%#@# tags. Why can't Henri just have fun with it? "Because you want people to find you, you dope!" screams Dorothy, one of so-called co-writers who believes she wrote part of MY book. C'est si idiot!

Anyway, I am on virtual book tour all month long and I am to tell you about it as I go. It might even be fun for poor ol' Henri if meeting beautiful young ladies is part of the deal. Oh la la!
So, today I am being interviewed by someone named TWL. The link is TWL annoyed me with so many questions but I am to keep trap shut and blog about it. And...I am to tell you to go over to TWL's hut and read my interview and leave questions if you have any. So, you go ahead and do that while Henri grabs a few Coors Light. Hope to see you there!



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