Sunday, July 22, 2007

Henri Does A Little Catching Up and Great News!

I just got news that Camp SoYouWannaSeeAGhost starts August 1…wooohoo for Henri! Don’t worry, my 21st century friends, I will be blogging as I will take my trusty laptopper with me.

I leave Tuesday evening for two glorious weeks in the mountains of Tennessee…wooohoo. I love wooohoo. Henri is picking up on slang pretty good, n’est pas?

Oh, excusez-moi, but the phone is ringing and Ezra isn’t home. You 21st century friends sit tight. Henri will be right back. Grab a Coors out of the fridge if you want.

“Bonjour? Yes. No. Oh my. I’m on it. Thanks!”

Wooohooo, I get to go to Texas tomorrow to interview Marilyn Celeste Morris, author of THE WOMEN OF CAMP SOBINGO! Henri loves flying to far off places and tour coordinator says Marilyn is known to be a hottie, so I am there! Tune in tomorrow, mes amis, and Henri will tell you all about it!

Bon suit!

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