Thursday, June 7, 2007

Henri Does Gypsy Psychic

It was early in the morning when I got back from visiting Ronda at Storyation and I knew Juicy was going to kill me.

Yes, ghosts can get killed in different ways from mortals, believe me.

I flew in at quarter past seven and Juice was waiting for me on my doorstep. I don't know how she has the nerve. She knows I'm a published author now and have to do these things.

And she knows I'm on a virtual book tour and won't be home for long hours of the time. And, it's not like she owned dear ol' Henri, you know.

"So, where was it tonight?"

Those words sliced the air like a dagger through raw meat. I told you I was a writer, didn't I?

Well, I tried to fly past her without saying a word, but she caught me by my coattails. Yes, ghosts have coattails.

Anyway, I said, "Ronda's place."

She gave me this look like whatever. It's hard to describe words. It's like the look your mama gives you when you say you've been over to your girlfriend's house when her parents are gone and it's just you and your girlfriend and you didn't even give her a peck on the cheek. I hate women's intuition.

But, I was perfectly innocent this time as Ronda and I have this thing and don't cross it. Like Juice and I. Or, so I thought.

"So, what did you do at Ronda's place besides being gone all night long without so much as a telepathic phone call?"

What do you say to that? I, uh, didn't think about it?

"Look, Juicy, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I've gotta run in and grab a Light and head back out."

If you think her look before was awesome, you should have seen this one.

"And where this time, if I may ask?"

Now, at this point, she decides to shed the waterworks to make Henri feel bad and not go. But, tour coordinator would kill me if I don't go, so I say, "I'm going to talk to a gypsy psychic."

It was the truth. I couldn't help it if gypsy psychic was beautiful 21st century woman, could I?

"How long are you going to be gone? And why a psychic, Henri? So he or SHE can tell you how our relationship is going?"

Ah. Relationship chit chat time. I knew I had to get out of there before Juice started making me say things I knew better to say.

"It's not about that," I said. "It's another stop on my virtual book tour."

"Well," she huffed, "while you're over there, ask this gypsy psychic how long it's going to take before Juicy gets fed up with Henri's stardom and starts looking for new boyfriend?"

"I told you, Juicy, I'm not..." I couldn't say it at this point, so I said, "Look, let me zip over and give her this interview and when I get back, we'll head out to Fisher's Point and do a little fishing. Would that make you happy?"

Again. The Look.

"Oh, don't like fishing. Forgot that. Okay, how about a picnic. We'll do the wine and cheese thing. You like that.

"Juicy? Where'd you go?"

I hate it that ghosts can disappear that fast.

Anyway, I'm off to Gypsy Psychic's place at if you'd like to follow me. I need your support. Actually, I'll need an alibi in case Gypsy Psychic and I decide to do our own little cheese and wine thing. What a ghost will do to get a free psychic reading.

Oh, just kidding. Anyway, fly over with me as I finish up my 4th stop on my THE SEARCH FOR THE MILLION $$$ GHOST VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR!

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Anonymous Ronda Del Boccio said...

Henri, I enjoyed our visit during your tour! You were SO surprised when I knew you were around! And I don't think you honestly believed I would have beer for you until I pulled one out of the fridge. :D

So sorry Juicy is the jealous type.

Enjoy the rest of your tour and drop in anytime.

ROnda, The Story Lady of

June 8, 2007 at 5:30 AM  

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